Rashid al Majid Real Estate

Rashid al Majid Real Estate


• The Real Estate Division handles the lease and management of real properties in the UAE. Our property assets include residential apartments, commercial buildings, mixed purpose buildings, villas, warehouses, and parking land.
• Our residential apartments and villas offer a wide range options for anyone looking to rent a home in Dubai and Sharjah. We offer office and show room spaces for clients’ needs in vibrant business areas.
• Premises exhibit structural quality, proximity to public transportation, and refreshment centers. Our properties are equipped with modern safety systems, efficient and cost effective central cooling system, electrical fittings and connectivity. All properties are service by our facilities management department.
• We have multi-purpose commercial warehouses at every corner of Dubai. The design and buildup of our warehouses are made consistent with current global trends for health and safety standards.
• The sizes of the warehouses are made to accommodate the varying scope and scale of our potential clients’ business requirement.
• Our offering isn’t just a property made of brick and mortar, but of a value proposition. We are offering the idea of a comfortable, peaceful, healthy and safe environment for our clients’ needs.

Rashid Al Majid Real Estate Professional Code of Ethics

It is very important for our tenants and clients to know that they are dealing with professionals who hold integrity and ethics as pillars of successful and long-term relationship.

We hereby adhere to the following principles and rules:

1. Fair Treatment

To treat all tenants & clients equally and to achieve justice between them without prejudice or differentiation.

2. Respectful Treatment

To respect the contracting and concerned parties and to respect the privacy of parties and we reject any conduct that would belittle them.

3. Preservation of Privacy

To preserve the privacy of the tenant and the confidentiality of their information and not to reveal any information which is confidential. To keep this information from reaching any party that would expose it for contractual or personal purposes.

4. Trust and Integrity

To present the deal honestly and inform the tenant of all the facts and circumstances known to us regarding their tenancy and conduct our business with trust and integrity.

5. Quality Observance

To provide services of practical value to tenant related to the real estate activity and to continuously seek to develop such services in terms of precision and quality.

6. Observance of Regulations and Laws

To observe the regulations and laws applied in the country. We do not allow individuals to operate through our office or to exploit the name or license of our office. We realize that forgery, intentional or negligent presentation of false information or data or any attempt to do so shall subject its perpetrators to questioning and investigation in addition to taking necessary disciplinary action against them.

7. Integrity

We are diligent in dealing with all parties with integrity and trust that our efforts will be based on trustworthy and clear information. We deal transparently with all parties concerned, including transparency of systems and procedures related to our operations.

8. Obligation towards the Society

To be active members of the society and to work to respect the values and principles of our society. We shall also strive so that our services will support the growth of real estate development.

9. Observance of the Interests of Contracting Party

To protect the interests of the contracting parties and to abstain from doing anything that might harm the interest of one party.

10. Obligation to Preserve Document

To preserve all documents, instruments and things related to the deal.

11. Respect of the Regulations and Procedures of the Dubai Land Department

We respect the regulations and procedures followed by the DREC and Land Department. We are further bound by the rules of good behavior when visiting that department and respect the instructions issued to us by those Department officials. We undertake not to establish special relations with the Department employees for personal gain. Our employees and staff acknowledged that they have read and understood the Code of Ethics, willingly and promise to abide by these principles and rules within all aspects of the practice of real estate department at all times.