About Us

About Us


Rashid Al Majid Group was founded a little over three decades ago. An entrepreneurial brainchild of Mr. Rashid al Majid, it started out as a local trading business. It had a humble beginning with trust, quality and customer service as the modus operandi of the founder’s entrepreneurial spirit. Since then, the business has expanded, and with the remarkable economic growth in the region the group diversified its business into new areas. The group’s business portfolio currently includes a number of companies involved in multiple industries; spanning across: Projects (EPC), Operation & Maintenance, Manufacturing, Trading, Real Estate, and Food Production. As part of its strategy for excellence, it has managed to forge international partnerships with companies in a leading position in their respective industries.

At the core of the group’s operational excellence like facility centers’, including: show rooms for product exhibition, service centers and warehouses. The facility centers are positioned in a manner to maximize customer convenience and minimize logistical hurdles. Hence, positive customer experience, the flexibility to avail services within reasonable timings, and superb supply chain management gives us edge over competition.

Rashid al Majid group, ever since its inception has gone through a powerful transformational process to reach its current form. Its view of challenges as nothing but opportunities, and where the future rewards the curious is the crucial factor that drives our success. The group has been an active and important player in the region’s growing economy, and it will continue to do so.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver quality products & services to clients, to provide employees opportunities for personal and professional development, and to maximize the group’s investment value. To our clients, our goal is to be an exceptional product and service provider of choice. It is in our strong belief that customers define the standard of quality and services, and hence their loyalty must be earned. We believe that by providing our employees with a dynamic work environment, ongoing training, performance-based recognition and opportunities for advancement, our businesses will continually succeed. To Rashid Al Majid, we are dedicated to maximizing investment value. We will do that through growing the company, controlling assets and increasing return on invested capital.

Our Values:
Rashid Al Majid Group’s values drive our actions and leadership. They echo what is important to the group and forms our employees’ inspiration to perform meaningful work. These core values are:

Integrity: we strive to reflect the highest ethical standards in our relationships with clients, business partners, employees and the community.
Customer Service: Prompt response, consistency in communication, quality of information and ability to deliver as promised defines our service setup to exceed customer expectations.
Quality: we are committed for continuous learning and constant improvement in our products, services, and business processes.
Team Work: we promote and support diversity in the work place along with a winning environment where each individual’s contribution adds value to team performance.
Organizational Responsibility: we embrace organizational responsibility in the sense of balance between profit, people and planet.